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The idea of starting my own yarn brand developed already some time ago while I was searching for yarn for a new project. I couldn't find anything to my liking - all the nice colourways were always sold out or otherwise difficult to find... they eluded me! So, this is what my label Eluded Fibres is all about - dyeing unique and interesting colourways. Something that intrigues you. And hopefully gets you one step closer to getting your hands on the yarn hank which will make your project perfect. 

XX, Anu Talka / founder of Eluded Fibres


Eluded Fibres is a small one woman owned & run company, established in the beginning of 2018. Currently you can buy Eluded Fibres yarn only through Eluded Fibres webshop. Each and every skein has been hand dyed in Finland, under the supervision of three wool-loving cats. 





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