Where is your yarn from and is it mulesing free? How about knots?

The Merino wool fibres and the yarn are originated to South America. By yarn manufacturer's guarantee, the Merino is mulesing free!

In usual case you will not find any knots in my skeins - atleast I have never found any knitting my own yarn. Anyways, it is possible that some will appear, sometimes. It is only natural to the yarn manufacturing process. In case that would happen, one or two knots within one skein would be still classified as "normal", and would not warrant for reclaiming the skein as defective.


In your skeins it says "......skein was supervised by a team of wool loving cats". What does this mean?

It means that I am a small one woman business, and working from home. I also have three cats, who love to take part, and whose living space I am sharing with my business operations. I want to be very open about this, because there might be very allergic people amongst those who are interested in my yarn. It is also possible that from time to time there is a long white cat hair to be found from my products. This is not a flaw, but a feature (occasionally you might even find one of my own hair stuck in the skein..telling you that the product is truly handles by a person and not by a machine!). Rest assured that the cats will not have direct access to touch, play or sleep with the products which are intended for sale. 


What does the word "unique skein" mean in your hank binders?

My products are hand dyed, which means I am manually controlling how much and which dye is put to which parts of the yarn. My lot size is normally 4 or 5 skeins, and within the one lot the colours are pretty much the same. But it is still possible that with multicoloured skeins there are skeins inside the same lot which have more of one particular colour than the other(s) or that some are darker/lighter. It is also possible that lots might vary between each other, no matter if they share the same shade name. This is not a flaw but a feature, and quite common for all hand dyed yarns. 

In case you are working on a larger project, I would suggest purchasing all skeins from the same dye lot and alternating the skeins to minimize variation. If you would like to get a bigger lot of same colourway to get your project done, but cannot see enough in the shop, you can always send me an email to eludedfibres@eludedfibres.com and we can work out a preorder for you. 


I made some socks and now there is a hole. May I get my money back?

Unfortunately the answer is generally "no". First, you need to understand from what yarn type you are using for which type of project. For socks, I would recommend using yarn with atleast 20% nylon, otherwise the socks would be lacking durability. Even then, you must understand that to make _really_ durable socks you might want to consider a very robust wool type; generally the soft Merino is not the most robust choice. The harsher wools, like Finnsheep wool, might be better choice. On the other hand, for light-normal use, merino could work well too. Just be prepared that your socks will not last forever, which should be a positive challenge - you will always have the possibility to knit new pairs!


I decided that I don't want my order after all, can I just not accept the delivery or not pick up my parcel and be done with it?

Unfortunately not. According to the EU consumer laws, you must notify me about the return of the item within 14d of receiving the delivery. And then you must return the package, at your own expense, within 14d from your notification. You MUST keep a proof of return, for example a receipt from your post office with package weight&date included. Once the item(s) arrive(s) back, in it's original condition (yarn not balled for example), I will refund you your original purchase price. 

In case you would just refuse/not pick up the shipment, it is possible that my shipping contract warrants the shipping company to destroy the package instead of sending it back to me. This voids any refund. If a package returns to me as non-delivered, all costs of return will be deducted of your refund. 


In the hank binder it says "handwas cold, dry flat. Dyes might bleed". Why?

The yarn itself is Superwash treated, and thus would endure also warm machine washing. Unfortunately the dyes used are such that they are colourfast only to low temperatures, and will start bleeding (during the wash) and fading if you wash in warm/hot. This is nothing special, as most indie dyers use these same dyes. Many are just not talking about this in so many words. 

Even if you wash cold by hand, it is possible that some dye might come off in the first washes. This is due to the fact that though I am rinsing the yarn very carefully after the dye treatment, some colours are just such that it is very difficult to get rid of all the excess. Take this into consideration if considering projects which combine very light and dark colours. Sometimes it's a good idea to knit a test sample with the colourways you intend to use and wash it. 


Where do you ship and what are the shipping prices?

I am shipping worldwide and at the moment using only tracked shipping methods. I want to ensure that you get your packages, and be able to track their movements during the shipment. 

I have decided to price my shipping so that you can order as much as you want** with one solid shipping cost. What this flat rate is, that varies based on your country. 

**Ok, let's say that "as much as you want" covers all quantities up to 30 skeins. Any more at one time, and we need to revisit the shipping price (will contact you after your order).


Olen Suomesta - voinko maksaa ostokseni tilisiirrolla ennakkomaksuna?

Onnistuu, mutta vaatii sinulta ostajana hiukan viitseliäisyyttä. Lähetä viesti osoitteeseen eludedfibres@eludedfibres.com ja kerro selkeästi mitä haluat ostaa. Tässä vaiheessa lisää mukaan myös puhelinnumerosi ja osoitteesi (sekä tieto haluatko paketin postitoimipaikkaan vai postin pakettiautomaattiin). Sitoudut ostamaan tuotteen lähettäessäsi mailin. Mikäli tuote on vielä kaupan saldoissa vapaana hetkellä jona luen mailisi, laitan sen sivuun ja lähetän sinulle ennakkomaksutiedot (eräpäivä "heti"). Lanka lähtee sinulle kun maksu näkyy tililläni. Jos maksua ei näy 7pv sisällä siitä kun lähetin ennakkomaksutiedot, tuote palaa takaisin myyntiin. 

Huom! Tämä maksutapa on käytössä ainoastaan niin pitkään kun kokemukset siitä pysyvät hyvinä. Älä siis lähetä mailia jos et ole varma haluatko maksaa tai jos tarvitset pitkän maksuajan. En varaa tuotteita jos et selkeästi indikoi että olet ostamassa; muotoile viestisi siis selkeästi. Tuotteista saa toki tiedustella muutoinkin kuin ostotarkoituksissa :) 


Do you ship to PO Box addresses? Will you cover export taxes & customs?

Unfortunately no. If you address is a PO Box, I cannot fulfill your order before receiving other address from you (please do not enter PO Box addresses!). This is not my own rule, but based on the policies from the forwarding companies I use. They simply do not deliver to PO Boxes.

All the goods bought from my store are shipped from Finland, from inside EU. This means that there will not be any extra taxes or customs charges in case your shipping address is inside EU. I cannot unfortunately be liable for any VAT or customs charges which you might be subjected to for the package, if your shipping address is outside EU. You need to pay them yourself.


When will my yarn arrive? I have already waited for long time, is it lost? What next?

Let me know if you have any worries related to your shipment not arriving. But before panicing, I would say that it is still within normal (though very exceptional!!) if you need to wait for our order up tp 5wks in Europe and 8wks in USA. For other more distant countries it could take even longer, I would wait up to 10wks from shipping. 

During high shipping seasons, for example Christmas, it will definitely take longer to get your package. So please be on time with your order! I cannot control the global postal system, so cannot guarantee that you will have your package in the normal 1-3wks. Although I guess in normal case that's how long the international shipping will take on average.


If I return a product, can I keep the extras you have included to the package? Or maintain package offers even when terms are not met after the return?

It depends. If there is an offer of "buy this and get that on top", then I expect you to return "that" if you return "this" as well. If I have randomly included something extra in your package without telling it to you beforehand, I expect you to return the extra only if you return the whole order. If you are not returning the extra in above mentioned cases, it's value will be deducted off your return refund. 

If you have purchased something from "pay one get more" or "buy over Xeur and get Z% off" types of offers, the offer will nullify if you return part of the items under the offer, and the remaining non-returned item(s) will count into being normally priced when calculating how much of purchase price is returned. Complex? Just contact me before returning and I'll explain more.


I have a customer account, but I have forgot it's password. What now? 

I’m unable to change your password for you, but after clicking the Sign In link, you can click "Forgot password?" to send yourself a password reset email. This link expires after 24 hours. Eluded Fibres does not have visibility to your password (or credit card information) for your added safety. 


Can I change the email address connected with my customer account? 

It isn't possible to change the email address associated with your account at this time. You can create a new account using your updated email address.