"Black on Black, pinkish purplish" in Super Merino

"Black on Black, pinkish purplish" in Super Merino


Colourway: Black on Black “pinkish purplish”. Combination of different levels of grey and occasional hue of pink/purple. Some skeins might demonstrate this hue stronger than others, and depending on your colour eye sensitivity / lighting for viewing the skeins, you might notice less or more of this pinkish purplish tone

Yarn base: Eluded Fibres Super Merino 425m & 100g / 465yd & 3.5oz 
75% SW Merino  25% nylon

Care instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat. Some colours may bleed in the first washes

Manufacturing of this unique skein was supervised by a team of wool loving cats. Please consider this if you are allergic.

Hand dyed in Finland.

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