Terms & Conditions



Eluded Fibres is located within EU, which means that EU consumer laws apply to the purchases made from Eluded Fibres webshop. 


Shipping processing times

Processing time: the time needed for processing an order for shipping varies. Normally consider 1-4d lead time; in seldom cases it might take up to a wk to dispatch your order.


Estimated shipping times & postal options

North America: 1-7 weeks (in normal case 2-3wks)

Europe: 1-5 weeks (in normal case 1-2wks)

I'll do my best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. Post handling delays and customs related delays are out of my control. 

All packages are shipped tracked.


Customs and import taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes or customs processing charges that may apply. All products are sent from within EU (from Finland) which means not customs or import taxes for shipments to EU addresses.


VAT (Value Added Tax)

Companies are required by law to charge the origin country VAT when selling inside EU. In Finland the VAT is 24% and this is included to all sales prices when your shipping address is located in one of the European Union countries.

VAT is not included to the prices when shipping outside EU. It is possible that your country customs will charge you your local VAT before releasing the package to you, and if this happens, you are responsible for these charges (check the customs tax threshold values and tax % information from your local authorities). True package contents value + shipping expenses are always visible to the customs on top of the shipping package as that is mandatory export requirement by Finnish customs. 


Payment options

Eluded Fibres webshop uses Paypal & Stripe enabled card payments (Visa credit & debit, Mastercard, American Express, Diners) and ApplePay as payment methods. You can pay from your bank account or from your credit card you have linked to your Paypal account. If you are located in Finland and would like to pay via bank transfer, you can send your order via email (please see FAQ for more information). 

In case you have created a customer account, you will be able to store your card details for further use. Your card information will be securely stored at the payment processing partner Stripe, and your account will only show the 4 last digits of your card number. Eluded Fibres will not have the access to your card number. Paypal details cannot be stored to your customer account, but they need to entered for each payment separately. 


Returns & exchanges

According to EU consumer law, you have 14 days to return your item which you have bought from the Eluded Fibres webshop. You need to notify of the return before shipping back the item (not picking up a package from post office or nothing accepting a delivery is not a notification of return! Non-returned packages are not always returning back to sender but in some cases they are destroyed by the post companies, in which case I will not refund the item value). Return shipping cost is on the responsibility of the customer and you must keep a forwarder/post receipt as proof of your delivery back. All items need to be returned in their original condition. Refund is made after receiving the returned items and checking their condition. 

In case you received extras with your order, you must also return them if you returned your partial/whole order. Otherwise their value will be deducted from your refund. In case you return part of a package deal or a deal which warranted discount on the total purchasing value, the package deal or discount becomes invalid for all the items you purchased (also the ones you did not return), and will be considered in the amount of refund. 

I don't exchange products, but you can always make a new purchase adjacent to your return.  

Customized or personalized products/orders are not covered by the return right. This includes also the preorder items, as they are dyed just for you. 

In case there is something wrong with your product (or in case your product has not arrived within the estimated shipping times), please contact me without delay. I might not be able to help if multiple months have passed from your original order date. 

If the package returns back to sender due to incomplete address caused by incomplete address given by the customer at the time of ordering, Eluded Fibres reserves the rights to charge back the true cost of the return shipping charged by the forwarder. In case customer would like the order to be reshipped, a new shipping fee must be paid.


Product policies

Yarns sold by Eluded Fibres are meant for the sole purpose for making handcrafts; e.g knitting and crocheting. Do not leave yarn at the disposal of pets, animals, children and others who cannot/will not operate it in it's intended manner. 

When you purchase one (1) product, it normally refers to a one hank of yarn. In the product picture there are normally several yarn hanks, as the picture is describing how the whole dye lot looks like. If you are purchasing a set with several hanks of yarn, that is mentioned separately. Eluded Fibres reserves the right to cancel any sales in case there has been significant error on the webpage (for example gross pricing error or gross error in mentioned included qualities or failure to charge shipping fees due to technical webpage issue). In case there is an oversell due to a technical webpage related issues, Eluded Fibres reserves the right to either cancel the sale or dye extra yarn to fullfil your order. 

All yarns sold by Eluded Fibres are dyed with light fast and wash fast commercial grade acid dyes. By nature these dyes require washing in cold water, or otherwise they will bleed/fade. Hand washing and drying flat is recommended. Some colours may bleed in the first washes though utmost carefulness is used when rinsing the yarns in the dye process. Consider this also if you decide to combine dark and light colours in your project. Making a sample might help you to check out if your yarns will work together. 

All Eluded Fibres yarns are dyed by hand. This means that each skein will be unique, and there might be variation between dye lots and even between hanks coming from same dye lot. If you need multiple skeins for your project, it is always a good ideas to purchase them at once. I cannot guarantee you to get exactly the same colour shade if you buy yarn from different dye lots. In case there are samples knit with Eluded Fibres yarns, those are just for reference purposes, as it is very possible that the speckles/composition of colours/overall appearance is different between skeins and depending on row lenghts, knitting patterns etc. I am always trying to dye my yarns in a way that there would be minimal colour pooling, but in some cases that cannot be avoided, and thus not warrant as being an error. 

The base yarns used by Eluded Fibres are high quality, which also means that there are very seldom any knots (I have never found any when knitting my own products!!). This said, the skein is still within the yarn mill quality specifications if it includes up to 3 knots. 

Although I aim to represent the colours correctly in my photos, different screens and devices could change the appearance of pictures. Please take this into consideration. I aim to always post pictures of the actual dye lot which is being sold. If the picture is a "stock picture", not of the actual yarn being sold, that's mentioned separately. 

Please check your intended handcraft purpose and select the yarn accordingly. For example for socks please consider a yarn with atleast 20% nylon content. Eluded Fibres will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear visible in your garment -- it is only natural that items made of wool yarns will wear out; speed of wear out depends on the use case. 

Eluded Fibres yarn is handled in a space where cats have access. The cats will not directly touch or handle or sleep on the yarn. This said, it is still possible (and even likely) that occasionally some few cat hair can be found from your product. This is not a flaw but a feature. In rare cases it could also possible to get allergy symptoms from the yarn if you are very allergic to cats - some allergic people have tested the yarn, and have not had any problems knitting with it, but there is always the possibility. Please take this into consideration before purchasing Eluded Fibres yarn.  


Copyright and reuse of the content of this website

Eluded Fibres reserves all rights to the content on www.eludedfibres.com website, same applies also other social media outlet content and newsletters. It is strictly prohibited to copy parts of the webpage or to copy any pictures and/or to republish any such contents (even with source quotes). In case you want to included Eluded Fibres materials in your own publishing, please contact eludedfibres@eludedfibres.com for requesting consent.